Los libros de la semana de las bibliotecarias (Ana Gil)

Jueves / “Mouse guard” de David Petersen



The quest to locate child-friendly graphic novels is amusingly difficult. You wouldn’t think finding quality comics would be so hard. The public perception is that comics are just made for kids anyway, so shouldn’t this lead to an abundance of riches? Hardly. You’re lucky if you can find three new books a season that aren’t parts of already existing series.

Author/illustrator David Petersen puts it like this; Over the years he’d scribble little ideas about this miniscule world. One of the first read, “Mice have a culture all their own; too small to integrate with other animals.” The result is a story that would fit right into England circa 1152. An elite guard of mice is trained to protect the travelers in their realm from natural predators. Three of these guards, Kenzie, Lieam, and Saxon, are dispatched to discover why a local merchant went missing not too long ago. In their search for his remains they discover the seeds of a plot to overthrow not only their home of Lockhaven but also the entirety of the guard itself. A mouse claiming to carry the legendary Black Axe is certain that the guard is outdated and plans an uprising to control all the towns and villages. Only by working together can the guards defeat this scourge, finding an unlikely ally to aid them along the way.

Extraído de School Library Journal.

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David Petersen (1977-)

Mouse guard: autumn 1152 / story and art by David Petersen. — London: Titan Books, 2007. — 1 v. : principalmente il. col. ; 21 cm.

ISBN 1-84576-660-1 PN 6727 .P46 M68 2007

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