Los libros de la semana de las bibliotecarias

Viernes/ “The institutions of the European Union”  edited by John Peterson and Michael Shackleton

Institutions of the EU

“The “new” European Union has been constantly evolving since the mid 1980s, and it shows no sign of standing still. Virtually the only constant is the EU’s institutions, which are both unique and time-honoured after 50 years of European integration. The institutions of the EU, individually and collectively, perform multiple tasks: providing the EU with political direction, managing policies and integrating interests. This new edition of The Institutions of the European Union will be the key text for any reader wishing to understand the functions, powers and compositions of EU institutions. The book has been fully updated and includes a new chapter on institutional and constitutional reform.”

 Extraído de Oxford University Press.

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The institutions of the European Union / edited by John Peterson and Michael Shackleton. — Oxford; New York : Oxford University Press, 2002. — XXIII, 402 p. : il. ; 25 cm. — (The New European Union Series).

Bibliografía: p. 369-389

ISBN 0-19-870052-0

JN 30 .I57 2002

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