Los 5 de la semana de M. Reed (alumno Universidad Stanford)

Miércoles / “The dark is rising” by Susan Cooper

Dark is rising

“The Dark Is Rising is the name of a five-book series of children’s novels by Susan Cooper as contemporary fantasy, and depicts the struggle between the forces of good, called The Light, and the forces of evil, known as The Dark. The series is based on the Arthurian myths, with many connections to Celtic and Norse legend and is written primarily for older children and young adults. One of the books won the Newbery medal, and another was an honor book. The Dark Is Rising is also the title of the second book in the series, whose main character is an eleven-year-old boy who learns that he is an Old One, destined to wield the powers of The Light in an ancient struggle with The Dark. Children, both magical and ordinary, feature prominently in the struggle portrayed in the five books.”

Extraído de Wikipedia.

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The dark is rising / Susan Cooper. — New York [etc.]: Scholastic, 1989. — 244 p.; 18 cm. — (The dark is rising sequence).

ISBN 0-590-43319-9

PZ 7 .C66 D37 1989

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