Las novedades destacadas de la semana

“Indignation” by  Philip Roth

“Philip Roth is our greatest living novelist, and his new book, “Indignation,” is an irritating, puzzling and fascinating bundle of mistakes, miscalculations and self-indulgences. (This being Roth in a slightly retrospective humor, there’s also a great deal of what used to be called self-abuse, actual and symbolic, but that’s another story.)

Readers familiar with Roth’s 28 previous books will recognize familiar territory, characters and preoccupations in “Indignation.” The year is 1951, and Marcus Messner is the brilliant but overprotected son of lower-middle-class Jewish parents in Newark, N.J. — in this case, a second-generation kosher butcher and his wife. Marcus makes straight A’s at the local college, helps out in the store and, increasingly, chafes at a father whose overwhelming preoccupation with his gifted only child’s welfare and physical safety seems to be moving from the merely obsessive to the genuinely pathological.”

Extraído de Los Angeles Times.

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Roth, Philip (1933-)

Indignation / Philip Roth. — 1st. ed. — London : Vintage Books, 2009. — 233 p. ; 20 cm.

ISBN 978-0-099-52342-0

PS 3568.O855 I53 2009

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