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“Benny and Penny in just pretend” by Geoffrey Hayes

“HOW CAN BENNY PRETEND to be a brave pirate when his pesky little sister, Penny, wants to tag along and is always asking for a hug? He tries to lose her, but when he does, he starts to feel a little lost himself. Penny proves her bravery and saves Benny from a bug. They hug as Benny explains he was only pretending she bugged him.”

Extraído de la contracubierta.

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 Los títulos seleccionados son una muestra de los materiales de la Biblioteca del Instituto Internacional prestados recientemente.

Si te interesa ver o leer ésta recomendación puedes consultar su disponibilidad en el catálogo la biblioteca del IIE.

Benny and Penny in just pretend: a toon book / by Geoffrey Hayes. — New York: Raw Junior, 2008. — 32 p.: il. col.; 24 cm.

ISBN 978-0-9799238-0-7

PN 6727 .H39 B46 2009

R. 97364

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