Las novedades destacadas de la semana

Teach yourself English pronunciation: an interactive course for Spanish speakers” by Eva Estebas Vilaplana

“This book is aimed at helping Spanish speakers to overcome their communication problems in English by introducing the most relevant issues of English pronunciation and comparing them with those of Spanish pronunciation. It covers not only vowels and consonants but also other aspects such as stress, rhythm, intonation, words in company, combinations of sounds and accent placement.The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM which contains more than 2000 audio entries and interactive ear-training exercises with inmediate feedback. The audio material includes voice recordings of four native English speakers.”

Extraído de la contracubierta del ejemplar.

Ver además:,695559&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Los títulos recomendados están en la Biblioteca del Instituto Internacional. Si te interesa leer ésta recomendación puedes consultar su disponibilidad en el Catálogo de la biblioteca.

Teach yourself English pronunciation : an interactive course for Spanish speakers / Eva Estebas Vilaplana. — 1st ed. — Coruña : Netbiblo, 2009. — 253 p. ; 24 cm + 1 CD ROM.

En la cub.: Curso interactivo de pronunciación inglesa para hispanohablantes

D.L. C 3176-2009 — ISBN 978-84-9745-349-3 — ISBN 978-84-362-5921-6 (UNED)

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