Las novedades destacadas de la semana

“Speaking in tongues” directed by Marcia Jarmel & Ken Schneider

“In A time where 31 states have passed English Only initiatives, one urban school district exploring the provocative notion that speaking a foreign language can be a national asset. We follow four diverse students and their families as they encounter the challenges and delights of becoming fluent in two languags. As we witness their journey we see how speaking more than one language changes them, their families, their communities and maybe even the world.”

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Speaking in tongues. [DVD] / a film by Marcia Jarmel & Ken Schneider. — [San Francisco]: PatchWorks Productions, cop. 2010. — 1 DVD (60 min.): son. col.

Idiomas: inglés

Autorizada para todos los públicos

D.L. M–53780-2007

R. 99177

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