Los libros preferidos de nuestros lectores

“Felix in the underworld” by John Mortimer

Felix in the underword

“Writer Felix Morsom no longer writes bestsellers. Then he hears about Gavin, an destroyed by the Parental Rights and Obligations Department. They meet, and he is introduced to Miriam who claims that Felix is the father of her son. He then finds himself the chief suspect in a murder case.”

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Los títulos seleccionados son una muestra de los materiales de la Biblioteca del Instituto Internacional prestados recientemente.

Si te interesa esta obra puedes consultar su disponibilidad en el catálogo la biblioteca del IIE.

Felix in the underworld / John Mortimer. — Harmondsworth : Penguin books, 1998.

246 p. ; 20 cm. — (Fiction).

ISBN 0-14-024577-4

 PR 6025.O7552 F45 1998

R. 89201000

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