III International Institute Micro Stories Contest “A great ending”


Today starts the International Institute Micro Stories Contest “A great ending” on its third edition.

Send us a sentence with no more than 140 characters (tweet) that finishes off the beginning that was selected and your contact information.

The winner will get a set of books from Siruela publishing.

Categories: Adult-Spanish, Kids-Spanish/English.

Beginnings selected:


La tía Daniela se enamoró como se enamoran siempre las mujeres inteligentes: como una idiota. _____________________________________________________________________________ .


Tantas cosas que empiezan y acaso acaban como un juego, ______________________________________________________________________________.


Jonah was falling, tumbling over and over, down and down, through nothingness and absence and void. _______________________________________________________________________________ .

Send to: biblioteca@iie.es until 2013 March 15th.

Find the contest terms in Spanish at: https://bibliotecaiie.wordpress.com/i-concurso-de-microrrelatos-del-instituto-internacional/

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