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Viernes / “A midsummer night’s dream” by William Shakespeare

Midsummer night's dream

“The main plot of Midsummer is a complex farce that involves two sets of couples (Hermia & Lysander and Helena & Demetrius) whose romantic intrigues are confused and complicated still further by entering the forest where Oberon, the King of the Fairies and his Queen, Titania, preside. Puck (or Robin Goodfellow) is a major character who is full of mischief and tricks. Other visitors to the enchanted forest include Bottom the weaver and his friends Snug, Snout, Quince and Flute who want to rehearse their dire but hilarious rendering of the play Pyramus and Thisbe. The themes illustrated in the play are that Love triumphs in the end and the pleasure of Dreaming the Impossible Dream.”

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A midsummer night’s dream / William Shakespeare; edited by Stanley Wells. — Harmondsworth: Penguin books, 1986. — 170 p.; 18 cm. — (The New Penguin).

ISBN 0-14-070702-6

PR 2827 .A2 W45 1986