Library storytelling morning activity for February

Come to the “tellebration” with us! Monthly Saturday morning meetings where kids can enjoy selected stories in English with Amy Eckmeder as storyteller.

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February storytelling around the book:

“Two Left feet”

By Adam Stower

Saturday, February 28th 2009, 12 a.m.


“The Two Left Feet” By Adam Stower

Two Left Feet is a children’s book. It is about a group of monsters who love to dance and tell a story of one monster called Rufus. Rufus is sad because although he loves to dance, he can only do the ‘wallop’. All of the monsters are invited to a grand ball at the palace, but Rufus is unable to find a partner to go with. Rufus bumps in to Sadie who is the perfect partner. The story has a happy ending for Rufus. I liked Two Left Feet because the pictures were nice and colourful and showed lots of funny monsters. I also liked the way the words were all wiggly. Two Left Feet was an interesting and fun story and I really liked Rufus because he was funny and cute. I liked everything about this book. I would recommend this book to boys and girls who enjoy colourful, fun and entertaining story books.

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