Los libros preferidos de nuestros lectores

“The tiger and the wise man” by Andrew Fusek Peters  & illustrated by Diana Mayo

tigerandwiseman“When a tiger plays a trick on a wise man, how will he escape being eaten, especially when it seems that all the animals are against him? Will the jackal help him, or is it simply another trick? A traditional Indian tale, retold with a twist by Andrew Fusek Peters.”

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(The) tiger and the wise man [Texto impreso] / Andrew Fusek Peters ; illustrated by Diana Mayo. — Swindon : Child’s play (International), 2004.

[30] p. ; 27 cm.

ISBN 978-1-904550-07-5

PZ 7 .P4693 T5 2004

R. 201162155

Library Storytelling Morning activity for January 2013

Come to the “tellebration” with us! Monthly Saturday morning meetings from October to June where kids can enjoy selected stories in English, this time with Oliver (Brian) and Marcus as storytellers.

Recommended for children between the ages of 4 – 8.Thirty-five children per session and two adults per child maximum. 45 minutes approx.

The activity forms part of the library services for library members, with an optional 2 for 1 registration. This means each child with a library card can bring one guest.

Library members will need to show their library card and send an e-mail to biblioteca@iie.es confirming their participation in the activity any time from the first day of the month and up to the week of the Storytelling morning.

Non-members who want to participate have a symbolic associated cost of 3€ per child for each session. The tickets can be obtained at the library check-out desk the same week of the Storytelling morning up until 15 minutes before the beginning of the activity.

If at some point the number of members registered reaches the maximum capacity limit we will announce that tickets are sold out trough the IIE Facebook page.

January 2013 storytelling around the book:

“Rabbit cooks up a Cunning Plan” by Andrew Fusek Peters & Bruno Roberts

Saturday, January 19th 2013

At 11 a.m. – English version (for advanced level learners)

At 12:30 p.m –English version with some Spanish to help understand. (For Intermediate English level learners)

Rabit cooks

Mountain Lion terrorises all the forest animals, and preys on them for his supper. One day, they come up with a plan to try to protect themselves, yet they are not safe until Rabbit cooks up a cunning plan which brings them lasting freedom. Retold with a twist by storyteller, poet and anthologist Andrew Fusek Peters, tales from around the world provide an insight into cultures other than our own.

(El león de la montaña aterroriza a todos los animales del bosque y se alimenta de ellos para su cena. Un día se les ocurre un plan para tratar de protegersen pero no estarán seguros hasta que el Conejo prepare un astuto plan que les trae una libertad duradera.)

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Las novedades destacadas de la semana

“The ant and the big bad bully goat” de Andrew Fusek Peters


“Badger is happy living in his neat and tidy burrow – until Big Bad Bully Goat decides to move in!  Bully Goat has such a fearsome reputation that even Badger’s biggest friends are too scared to help.  All seems lost until help arrives from a very unexpected quarter and Badger realises that size isn’t everything. This traditional Iberian tale is retold with a twist by storyteller, poet and anthologist Andrew Fusek Peters.”

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The ant and the big bad bully goat [Texto impreso] / Andrew Fusek Peters ; illustrated by Anna Wadham. — Swindon : Child’s play (International), 2007.

[32] p. ; 27 cm.

ISBN 978-1-84643-079-4

R. 201162123