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Lunes / “The European Union explained” by Andreas Staab

EU explained

“This book covers all the essential topics related to the EU and is best suited as a supplement to other texts. Part one is about the evolution of the EU and includes a historical overview, the key treaties, and enlargement. Part two covers the institutions and the checks and balances in EU governance. Staab (European Policy Information Centre) provides a good discussion of the democratic deficit in the EU, but does not address the differences in ordinary and extraordinary agenda setting. Part three is devoted to the internal and external policies of the EU and covers the single market, regional policy and cohesion, the Common Agricultural Policy, the economic and monetary union, justice and home affairs, common foreign and security policy, and trade and the common commercial policy.”

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The European Union explained : institutions, actors, global impact / Andreas Staab. — Bloomington, Indianapolis : Indiana University Press, 2008. — XVIII, 171 p. ; 24 cm.

ISBN 978-0-253-22018-9

JN 30 .S23 2008