Los libros preferidos de nuestros lectores

“The boy from the dragon palace: a folktale from Japan” retold by Margaret Read MacDonald and illustrated by Sachiko Yoshikawa


“One day, a poor flower sellers drops his leftover flowers into the sea as a gift for the Dragon King. What does he get in return? A little snot-nosed boy–with the power to grant wishes! Soon the flower seller is rich, but when he forgets the meaning of “thank you,” he loses everything once again.”

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Los títulos seleccionados son una muestra de los materiales de la Biblioteca del Instituto Internacional prestados recientemente.

Si te interesa esta obra puedes consultar su disponibilidad en el catálogo la biblioteca del IIE.                                       

(The) boy from the dragon palace [Texto impreso] : a folktale from Japan / retold by Margaret Read MacDonald ; illustrated by Sachiko Yoshikawa. — Chicago, Illinois: Albert Whitman & Company, 2011.

[32] p. : il. ; 29 cm.

ISBN 978-0-8075-7513-0

PZ1 8.1 .M36 B6 2011

R. 201162143

Library Storytelling Morning activity for March 2013

Come to the “tellebration” with us! Monthly Saturday morning meetings from October to June where kids can enjoy selected stories in English, this time with Carrie and Trisha as storytellers.

Recommended for children between the ages of 4 – 8. Forty children per session and two adults per child maximum. 45 minutes approx.

The activity forms part of the library services for library members, with an optional 2 for 1 registration. This means each child with a library card can bring one guest.

Library members will need to show their library card and send an e-mail to biblioteca@iie.es confirming their participation in the activity any time from the first day of the month and up to the week of the Storytelling morning.

Non-members who want to participate have a symbolic associated cost of 3€ per child for each session. The tickets can be obtained at the library check-out desk the same week of the Storytelling morning up until 15 minutes before the beginning of the activity.

If at some point the number of members registered reaches the maximum capacity limit we will announce that tickets are sold out trough the IIE Facebook page.

March 2013 storytelling around the book:

“Too many fairies” by Margaret Read MacDonald & Susan Mitchell

Saturday March 16th 2013

At 11 a.m. – English version (for advanced level learners)

At 12:30 p.m –English version with some Spanish to help understand.                     (For Intermediate English level learners)


There was once an old woman who hated chores. “Work! Work! Work! How I hate it! Hate it! Hate it!” One day some fairies show up. They . . . clankety clankety-clankety —clean all the dishes. Swishety-swishety-swishety —sweep the house. Flumpety-flumpety-flumpety — shake out the bedclothes. Clickety-clickety-clickety —work on all the knitting. But then there is nothing left to do. So, they tear everything apart and start again! Clankety-clankety-clankety, swishety-swishety-swishety . . . . The fairies are driving the old woman crazy! How will she get them to leave?

(Había una vez una anciana que odiaba hacer los quehaceres de la casa: ¡Trabajo, trabajo, trabajo! ¡Como lo odio! Un día aparecieron unas hadas que limpiaron los platos, barrieron la casa, sacudieron la ropa de cama y tejieron todo lo que estaba pendiente hasta que no quedó nada que hacer. Entonces deshicieron todo lo que habían arreglado y volvieron a empezar. La anciana se estaba volviendo loca con ellas ¿Cómo podría hacerlas marchar?)

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Las novedades destacadas de la semana

“The story-teller’s start-up book” by Margaret Read MacDonald

“For those who want to begin storytelling but don’t know where to start, The Storyteller’s Start-Up Book offers everything one could ask for. Margaret Read MacDonald, a folklorist and children’s librarian who is also a touring storyteller, offers basic start-up information on finding stories, looking at them critically, starting a story bank, networking with other storytellers, and creating a storytelling event.”

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Los títulos recomendados están en la Biblioteca del Instituto Internacional. Si te interesa tener acceso a ellos puedes consultar su disponibilidad en el Catálogo de la biblioteca.

(The) story-teller’s start-up book [Texto impreso] : finding, learning, performing and using folktales / Margaret Read MacDonald. — 2nd ed. — Atlanta : August House Publishers, 1993.

215 p. ; 23 cm.

ISBN 978-0-87483-305-8

LB 1042

R. 201162228

Storytelling Workshop with Margaret Read Macdonald and Gerard Fierst

Third storytelling workshop with Margaret Read MacDonald and Gerald Fierst on Monday, April 12th 2010, from 19 to 21 p.m. at the International Institute.

Come listen to these experienced storytellers share their art and discuss their techniques, followed by the opportunity for small group practice sessions.

This workshop should be of special interest to both professionals and students in education or social services, as well as parents.

The session will be conducted in English (WITHOUT simultaneous translation).

To register: Send an e-mail to biblioteca@iie.es including your contact information, occupation and your particular interest in the workshop. Space is limited to 30 participants.

Please note that this is a free activity, sponsored by the US Embassy in collaboration with International Institute.

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Imágenes del Storytelling Workshop con Margaret Read MacDonald and Gerald Fierst


Ya están disponibles algunas imágenes de la celebración del taller de cuentacuentos (Storytelling Wokshop) éste martes 10 de febrero.

Ver fotografías desde aqui.

Queremos agradecer al departamento de Asuntos Culturales y Educativos de la Embajada de Estados Unidos su confianza  al permitirnos colaborar en la realización de éste taller, a Margaret y Gerald su entusiasmo y maestría, asi como a todos los asistentes su participación e interés.